Welcome to the World of Dragon Assault

Welcome to the world of Dragon Assault, a new school RPG inspired by old school classics like Bard’s Tale and Eye of the Beholder.


Eagle Ridge Games is building social RPGs that you can play in the line at the grocery store, while you’re waiting for your significant other to shop at his or her favorite store, or even while at work while your boss isn’t looking…

Company Overview

Founded by award-winning writer Jordan Ellinger who has worked in worlds like Warhammer, WARMACHINE, Animism, and others, Dragon Assault is a social RPG illustrated by IOTF winner Ryan Downing that hearkens back to classic games like Eye of the Beholder and Bard’s Tale.

Description Dragon Assault takes place in The Span, a massive city founded on the banks of the River Wylde. Centuries of collaboration and conflict between the four races—human, ogre, goblin, and faeborn—has forged a home brimming with diverse culture, dazzling architecture, and rich history. But now all is in jeopardy, for a dark threat looms on the horizon… will you be the hero the city needs?